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SW136: DTMF standard receiver
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Product Description ____________________

SW136  is a silicon gate CMOS device containing filters and decoder for detection of a pair of tones conforming to the DTMF standard with outputs in hexadecimal. Switched capacitor filter technology is used together with digital circuitry for the timing control and output circuits.

The circuit provides excellent power line noise and dial tone rejection and is suitable for applications in central office equipment, PBX, any key phone systems, remote control equipment and consumer telephony products. The SW136 monolithic DTMF receiver offers small size, low power consumption and high performance. It separates the high and low group tones from the dial up tone pair, verifies the frequencies and duration before passing the corresponding hexadecimal code to the output.

Features ____________________________

· Singe 5V or 3.3V Power Supply
· Detects All 16 Standard Digits
· Uses Inexpensive 3.58 MHz Crystal
· Provides Guard Time Controls to Improve Speech Immunity
· Output in 4-Bit Hexadecimal Code
· Build-In 50/60 Hz and Dial Tone Rejection
· Pin Compatible with SSI-204, MC145436 , MC14LC5436
· Package : DIP14 - SOC16

Applications __________________________
· Central Office Equipment
· Keyphone Systems
· Remote Control Equipment
· Consumer Telephony Products

Package _____________________________
· DIP14
· SOIC 16 

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