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SW171: e1/t1 analogue front-end
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Product Description ____________________

The AFE is a purely analog bi-directional transceiver for E1 NIU and ISDN Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI) application at 2.048Mbps (E1). This transceiver operates over 2 km of 0.4mm twisted-pair cable without any external components. It is built using an advanced double-poly, single-metal CMOS process and requires only a single 3.3-volt power supply.The Silway AFE finds applications in widely diverse areas of Telecommunication

Features ____________________________

· Singe 5V or 3.3V Power Supply
· Compliant with ITU G.703 pulse mask
· Compliant with the EXAR XRT59L91 transceiver without the following signal pins: TXCLK, LLOOP, RLOOP AND RXLOS
· Line impedance: 60W or 120W
· Logic inputs must accept either 3.3V or 5V level
· Low power dissipation
· Power down mode (TXPOS and TXNEG set to logic 1)
· Transformer coupling (transmit 1:2, receive 2:1)

Applications __________________________

· Central Office Equipment
· ISDN Primary Interface (PRI) (CCITT G.703)
· NIU interface to E1 Service
· E1 LAN bridge
· CPU to CPU Channel Extenders
· Digital Loop Carrier - Subscriber Carrier Systems
· E1 Multiplexer
· Channel Banks

Package _____________________________
· SOIC16 

Cross reference _______________________

Pin Compatible with SSI-204, MC145436 , MC14LC5436

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