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Product Shortform

IM283: Circuit lecteur RFID basse tension
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Product Description ____________________

IM283 is a fully-integrated 125 kHz RFID reader circuit. It is specially designed for being a space and cost efficient kernel IC of an RFID reading and writing base station. It covers the digital real time functions and the analogue signal processing necessary to access most of the 125kHz - 64bits transponders available on the market. IM283 is accessible by a standard micro - controller as an intelligent front - end peripheral device. A unique mutual tuning capability (RTA™) allows dynamic adaptation to every transponder read, particularly in poor reading conditions. IM283 is versatile enough to work in most low-power (short distance) and high power (longer distance) applications. FL283 is fully compatible with latest version of SW016 reader IC.

Features ____________________________

· Low-voltage circuit.
· Read and Write capabilities
· Supports most 125kHz - 64bits tags on the market.
· Includes a full ID-processing for EM410x series.
· Supported frequency range: 100 to 150 kHz
· Optimization of reading conditions by using RTA™: unique reader-transponder self-adapting technique.
· High-power dual antena drive.
· 100% and 50% modulation write capability.
· Multiple data rates: 2kbit/s, 4kbit/s, 8kbit/s.
· Operating temperture range: -40 to +125°C

Applications __________________________
· Integrated RFID base-stations
· Battery-operated RFID readers
· RFID reader-writers
· Car immobiliser
· Low voltage portable readers

Package _____________________________
· SOIC18

Cross reference _______________________
HTRC110, EM4095, MC33690



Notes d'application IM283 _______________________________________________

Basé sur le circuit intégré Lecteur IM283, nos notes d'application donnent la possibilité de pleinement évaluer la technologie RFID. Elles permettent de faciliter le développement de vos systèmes sans contact et d'en diligenter la conception. Contactez nos agences commerciales.

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